Top Rated Hipster Sunglasses | Buying & Review Guide 2020

Top Rated Hipster Sunglasses | Buying & Review Guide 2020


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It's difficult to find a stylish pair of hipster sunglasses that fit correctly and look good. If you’re looking for an awesome pair of hipster or retro glasses, then we’re confident that you will find something for you here.We are focused on quality and value and not necessarily top name brands. In this article, we will review my top 10 Hipster Sunglasses choices for 2020. We have tested several pairs from trusted retailers in order to bring you a review guide that is helpful!


You can use the links below to jump ahead to our top 10 featured Best Hipster Glasses:


  1.  Large Round White Mercury
  2.  Retro Oval Sunglasses Women/Men
  3.  YOOSKE Retro Polarized Sunglasses Women/Men - UV400 
  5.  UVLAIK Polarized Sunglasses - UV400
  6.  DRACO
  7.  DCM Cateye Sunglasses Women - UV400
  8.  Hexagon Sunglasses Unisex Classic Brand
  9.  BOYSEEN Retro Wood Sunglasses - Men/Women
  10.  POLARSNOW Aluminum+TR90 Sunglasses Men/Women


1. Large Round White Mercury Sunglasses

Large Round White Mercury sunglasses
Protect your eyes from the sun while keeping your look cool and stylish with these round metal-frame sunglasses. Constructed from metal, these round sunglasses feature thin frames with bright polycarbonate lenses and come complete with nose pads for a secure and comfortable fit. Whether you're lounging by the pool, hitting the waves at the beach or hanging out around town, these sunglasses offer the perfect pick for both style and function.



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2. Retro Oval Sunglasses Women/Men


Light up your look with these retro metal-frame round sunglasses. Featuring thin round frames with solid lenses for simple yet sleek appeal, these sunglasses offer the perfect option for everything from beach excursions to pool days to running errands around town. The metal construction keeps them sturdy and lasting, while the nose pads provide a secure and comfortable fit.



3. YOOSKE Retro Polarized Sunglasses Women/Men - UV400

YOOSKE Retro Polarized Sunglasses Women/Men - UV400

Update your accessory collection with these retro polarized UV sunglasses. Featuring a slightly flat top design, polycarbonate round lenses and half-frame for a cool effect. An easy way to stay stylish and protected in the sun, these sunnies are the perfect final accessory for any look. Made of high quality materials, these are durable and lightweight.


hipster sunglasses

4. Culture


These steampunk round sunglasses are a must-have addition to any fashion-forward collection. The solid lenses shield your eyes, while the round design and metal frames bring vintage flair to these sunglasses. Pair with your fave oversized tee and go-to bottoms to complete the look. We are obsessed!



5. UVLAIK Polarized Sunglasses - UV400

UVLAIK Polarized Sunglasses - UV400

These polarized sunglasses will give you a retro-cool look that fits perfectly with any outfit. The sunglasses feature plastic frames for comfortable, everyday use, along with polycarbonate lenses for bold style. These shades have both UV protection and scratch-resistant qualities, making them a great option to wear on any sunny day.


UVLAIK Polarized Sunglasses - UV400




Keep your eyes comfortable and your style on point when the sun starts to shine by wearing these steampunk metal-frame sunglasses. Featuring a solid lenses that shield your eyes, while the round design and metal frames with cut outs bring vintage flair to these sunglasses. Pair with your fave tee and ripped jeans to complete the look. 


draco sunglasses


7. DCM Cateye Sunglasses Women - UV400

DCM Cateye Sunglasses Women - UV400

These cat eye sunglasses are perfect for shielding your eyes while making a fashion statement. With the sharp angles, durable lenses and leopard-gradient frame, these sunglasses add a bold and stunning finishing touch to any outfit. These sunglasses offer 100% UV400 protection. Just add your fave top and bottoms to complete the look. We are obsessed!


cat eye sunglasses


8. Hexagon Sunglasses Unisex Classic Brand

Hexagon Sunglasses Unisex Classic Brand

These hexagon sunglasses feature a silver-gold tone frame that adds subtle style to any look, while the sturdy metal construction offers lasting use. The hinged temples and soft nose pads provide a comfy fit on any occasion, while UV protection helps to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s rays. Just add your fave top and bottoms to complete the look. We are loving this style!


hexagon sunglasses


9. BOYSEEN Retro Wood Sunglasses - Men/Women

BOYSEEN Retro Wood Sunglasses - Men/Women

Add sweet, retro style and high glamor to your look with these wooden sunglasses. Featuring a plastic frame, wooden temples and square lenses, making a stunning style statement wherever you go. Designed with UV protection, these stylish sunglasses provide ample shielding from the harsh glare of the sun. Versatile and stylish, these retro shades can take you from workday to weekend with ease.


BOYSEEN Retro Wood Sunglasses - Men/Women


10. POLARSNOW Aluminum+TR90 Sunglasses Men/Women

POLARSNOW Aluminum+TR90 Sunglasses Men/Women

For cool-as-can-be eyewear, slip on the aluminum UV sunglasses. These sunglasses have a classic square design that looks great with anything from a tee and denim shorts to a dress or button down and classic pants. UV protection helps keep harmful sun rays from reaching your eyes, and scratch-resistant lenses help keep the sunglasses in great condition.


POLARSNOW Aluminum+TR90 Sunglasses Men/Women


Frequently Asked Questions


 What are hipster glasses called?

Hipster glasses are also referred to as

Interestingly, not all Nerdy, Cat Eye, Round, Retro Sunglasses are considered to be hipster. In this article, I outlined the top hipster sunglasses for 2020.

The word Hipster means, "a person who is unusually aware of and interested in new and unconventional patterns". 

Hipster Sunglasses either follow the latest fashion trend or were at one point very fashionable. It’s very important to hipsters that these trends are not culturally mainstream because then it wouldn't be exclusive. 

Our Hipster Sunglasses are fashionable and trendy while at a very attractive price!


Why are hipster glasses so popular?

The idea of being a hipster represents being open to change, willing to learn, and avoiding mainstream culture when following fashion. The idea of being different is really appealing and hipsters often don't want to wear the same outfit as everyone else.

With Hipster Sunglasses, you can have a unique taste in fashion. Wearing up to date hipster sunglass styles can be a challenge but now you can easily find modern hipster glasses in 2020. 

What does it mean to be a hipster?


Hipster Shades - Conclusion : 

Are you someone who is always looking to be unique? Indie fashion is unique to every person and style.  Simple and eclectic fashion that still makes a strong statement of ones personality. We wanted to create a simple and unique eyewear collection that would allow someone to choose the perfect frames to compliment their already original fashion and style. 



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    I really like #8. It is a unique style that is very hipster!

  • Tim Ault

    The quality is top! Pricing for this level of fashion can not compare.

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