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Coolest Trends & Best Sunglasses for Men

Best Mens Sunglasses

Coolest Trends & Best Sunglasses for Men (The Shades You Need In 2020)


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If you are anything like me, you are interested to hear about the latest fashion trends and also want stylish gear without breaking the bank.  Even if you’re still figuring out the rest of your 2020 wardrobe, there’s no question that you need one of the best, well fitting pairs of men’s sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun. The safety of your eyes is worth buying a good pair that provides proper protection from solar radiation and won't break within a year. Polarized lenses are a good choice for drivers because they dramatically reduce glare from headlights and light reflecting off of wet surfaces on the road. Also, if you are interested to discover if designer sunglasses are really worth the price, I recommend this article.

Below are my reviews of some excellent options for cool sunglasses, and trust me, there's no shortage of choices out there for every taste and budget. I will show you the best men's sunglasses!


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Best Men's Sunglasses Chart

Image (Click to View) Title  Editors Rating
steve mcqueen sunglasses

Classic Vintage Steve McQueen Style Polarized Sunglasses

cool men's sunglasses

Men's Classic Polarized Aluminum Driving Sunglasses

new sunglasses for mens

2020 Fashion Square Sunglasses Driving Sun Glasses

top rated sunglasses

iboode New Vintage Gold Sunglasses


cool 2019 sunglasses

Retro Aluminum Sunglasses Polarized Lens


cool mens sunglases

Classic Pilot - Casual Polarized Sunglasses

2020 Designer Oversized Square Sunglasses 8/10
designer retro sunglasses for men

Retro Classic Vintage Round Polarized Sunglasses

trendy cool mens sunglasses New 2020 Polarized Retro Sunglasses
Semi Rimless Classic Polarized Men's Sunglasses
Semi Rimless Classic Polarized Men's Sunglasses



Top 10 Men's Sunglasses Reviews

Whether you're a fan of the timeless aviators, mid-century retro fashion, or you're just looking for an awesome pair of semi-rimless shades that are also suitable for casual wear, we've hand-picked the five best pairs of sunglasses that cover all the style bases and face types. Also, feel free to check out the Quavo Sunglasses collection. We are focused on quality and value and not necessarily top name brands. In this article, we will review my top 10 Mens Sunglasses choices for 2020. 

We've gotten together a rundown of some fantastic choices for sunglasses, and trust us, there's no lack of decisions out there for each taste and spending plan! Here are our top 10 picks!


 1. Best Overall: Classic Vintage Steve McQueen Style Polarized Sunglasses

steve mcqueen sunglasses

When it comes to adventurous gear for the guy on the go, the Classic Steve McQueen Style Polarized Sunglasses are your best bet. The style resurrects a vintage silhouette for the brand and it features sleek acetate frames with a variety of colored polarized lenses.

steve mcqueen sunglasses

These slightly tinted sunglasses are also for the minimalistic stylish man. These are worth investing in because of the slimmer design, unique colors, and keyhole bridge that gives them a tasteful vintage aesthetic. I would suggest these if you simply want a pair of reliable, durable and dependable sunglasses for a good price.

steve mcqueen sunglasses

From the office to a picnic to a laidback weekend drive, the Steve McQueen Sunglasses could be the shades you’ve needed. The best part of these sunglasses is that they look great on just about everyone and complement pretty much any outfit.


(5 color variations to choose from) 


2. Best Driving Sunglasses: Men's Classic Polarized Aluminum Driving Sunglasses

cool men's sunglasses

A pair of durable, polarized sunglasses are a necessity for driving on the road! A pair of sunglasses you keep in your car, can make a big difference whilst on the road. This pair consists of polarized, UV-400, anti-reflective, mirrored lenses, making them perfect for driving and outdoor activities. Having a good pair of polarized driving glasses is a good idea because it can reduce harsh glare and help you see easier.

These are the sunglasses pioneered by style legends for generations, never gone for long when it comes to enduring trends and timeless style. Having a good pair of pilot/aviator style sunglasses is a no brainer. If you want designer sunglasses but don't want to shell out hundreds for ray bans, this is a great choice for you!

Everyone wears sunglasses, and almost everybody owns or has owned a pair of shades that resemble these. They look great, flatter almost every face, are extremely functional thanks to their large lenses, and will never go out of style.


Best Mens Sunglasses


3. 2020 Fashion Square Sunglasses Driving Sun Glasses

new sunglasses for mens

In the market for a timeless pair of shades? Look no further. With their oversized geometric shape, classic acetate frame and stylish lenses, these frames will take you from work to a music festival and everywhere in between. These shades are very modern and the style is making a fashion comeback in 2020.

What's not to love about a pair like this? These shades offer excellent value for money. They are one of the best pairs that include polarized lenses for clear vision of the road ahead with limited glare.

Made popular by the rich and famous, these shades are very fashionable.  They look best on a rugged-oriented man. These glasses serve up a fusion between the classic aviator style and the bigger style, providing a more masculine, sturdy approach.


best mens sunglases


4. iboode New Vintage Gold Sunglasses

top rated sunglasses

With their unique shape and refined style, these Vintage Gold Sunglasses are one way to change things up from your regular aviators. It’s a dash of luxury vintage style and modern wearability rolled into one. The thin metal wire frames add a touch flair of refinement that says you mean business.

These frames are a fashion statement that reward boldness and minimalism. It’s a unique style, and it’s one that also will score you major style points this year. The shades offer slimmer silhouette lines which are practical, durable and perfect for men of all ages.

If you want a slim pair of shades to compliment your chiseled face structure, these are for you. A pair like these are worth the investment, whether you’re looking for an everyday pair of sunglasses, or simply another set to add to your rotation.


best mens sunglasses


5. Retro Aluminum Sunglasses Polarized Lens

cool 2019 sunglasses

These are a very cool pair of retro sunglasses because of their classic design. Looking for durable sunglasses to complement your athletic fashion taste? A pair like these are so versatile and go well with an athletic wardrobe but can also compliment a business casual outfit.

Equipped with UV400 Photochromic lenses, these offer eye protection from harsh sun glare & UV rays. The can be worn with a suit or with a graphic tee, and they’re a wise summer style move, no additional accessories needed. 

They're lightweight despite their size, though, so they sit very comfortably on your face and are better for all-day wear than heavier glass and metal sunglasses. These stylish shades are sure to impress your friends and boost your confidence.


check lowest mens sunglasses price


6. Classic Pilot - Casual Polarized Sunglasses

cool mens sunglases

It doesn't get much more timeless than the iconic tear-drop aviators, and these shades perfectly combine classic masculine aesthetics with high quality lenses. While the Vintage McQueen shades are our favorite, sometimes you can't beat a classic, and the time-honored tear-drop aviators remain ever-present for a reason.

 The iconic over-sized lenses, originally designed in the 1930s for military pilots (hence the obvious name), are the perfect blend of form and function, performing their protective task well while looking great on almost anyone.

These sunglasses go well with multiple outfits and can be used for several different summer activities. We offer this product in a variety of fashionable colors and gradients. We recommend this product because it is such a classic choice that never disappoints.


men sunglasses


7. 2020 Designer Oversized Square Sunglasses

cool mens sunglases

These shades combine a vintage look with oversized square lenses, making them very fashionable. These shades are sure to make you look very laid back and chill which give you the power to feel comfortable in any situation. These shades look great for Spring and Summer seasons because of their lightweight, modern frame shape, and light green blue gradient.

Importantly, they are affordable, stylish, and easy-to-wear sunglasses. There are a bunch of frame and lens color options, and a great casual style that's more versatile than standard wraparound sport sunglasses.

The rectangular frame hints of a slightly rounded shape, giving it tons of charisma. It’s a unique style, and it’s one that also will score you major style points this year.


men sunglasses


8. Retro Classic Vintage Round Polarized Sunglasses

designer retro sunglasses for men

If you are looking for a steampunk, retro 70's look, this is the pair for you. This is a pair that requires a chill sense of fashion style. A pair like this promotes diversity of thought and allows you to be unique. They're lightweight and sit very comfortably on your face. They are better for all-day wear than heavier glass and metal sunglasses.

These shades are an excellent value and pair well with many different outfits. They are a retro 70's throwback and an all-round stylish pair of shades. Popular fashion trends reappear from retro styles and so these vintage round glasses are sure to turn heads in 2020. 

These Vintage Round Polarized Shades are the original hipster sunglasses, with round frames reminiscent of John Lennon.


men sunglasses



9. New 2020 Polarized Retro Sunglasses

trendy cool mens sunglasses

Looking for polarized retro, semi rimless glasses? These shades offer a versatile design and style that goes with all of your summer gear. 

This mid-century-style boasts a distinctive frame with round, metal-rimmed lenses for a retro aesthetic that's not as aggressive or overwhelming on smaller heads as other old-school shades like aviators.

The transitioning gradient lenses are helpful in preventing glare from the sun. These shades consist of stylish lenses with a durable polycarbonate frame, and a 1950s style that looks great with any outfit! They look great on just about everyone and complement pretty much any outfit. 


men sunglasses


10. Semi Rimless Classic Polarized Men's Sunglasses

Semi Rimless Classic Polarized Men's Sunglasses

These semi rimless sunglasses look very similar to the heavy brow-line styled sunglasses. This pair's retro influences are plainly visible, providing a fresh twist on a classic shape. What's not to like about a classic pair like this one? 

If you want shades for men that are sure to go with everything you own, choose a style like this! A versatile pair like this is something you can wear both at work and on the beach. These sunglasses are a touch more refined than the traditional glasses. They’re also a lot more slender.

These are crafted with sturdy polycarbonate frames/lenses so they're well worth the money and should last throughout the years. They combine a vintage look with superbly crafted contemporary tech, making them the go-to eyewear.


men sunglasses




cool mens sunglasses

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FAQ Section

"What Should I Look For When Buying Polarized Sunglasses?"

While many of the people who buy polarized sunglasses do so for their capacity to protect against unwanted light reflections, you have to keep in mind that they work as regular sunglasses as well. It is for this reason that you must apply the same discerning qualities you would exhibit when buying regular sunglasses because this is more or less what they actually are. We have to point out, however, that their intended purpose is to block intense light, so they may or may not be up to scratch as far as standard sunglasses go. For a better understanding of what makes a good pair of polarized sunglasses, you should first understand:

"What Is The Difference Between Polarized and Non-Polarized Sunglasses?"

The main difference between polarized sunglasses and non-polarized models is the reduction in glare they deliver and pretty much it. For this reason, they tend to cost about thirty percent more and require that you spend more time researching how good they are. Although it varies from brand to brand, this substantial increase in price is enough to put some people off from buying polarized sunglasses, even though they actually need them. This is also because not many people truly find themselves in situations where a polarized pair of new sunglasses will make a difference.

"What Is Tint Color?"

Another thing to bear in mind when buying polarized sunglasses is the sheer variety they are available in, mostly in regards to the color of their tint. The purpose of these different colors is to deliver varying degrees of polarization, to a specific point at least. In principle, these sunglasses are available in green, brown/amber, yellow, blue, black/grey, and red/pink coloring for you to choose from.


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